me looking angry

Thank you for visiting Zainab Writes. A little about me and this blog; I created this space in June of 2013, a few months before I am to leave for London to pursue my law degree. I was born in 1990, and I am a self professed nerd. I write a lot, so expect some semblance of poetry and posts approaching the concept of elegant prose (key word here is ‘approaching’).

In case the zebra scarf didn’t clue you in, I’m a practicing Muslim.

I enjoy cooking quite a bit, especially French and Punjabi cuisine (never together, I have not yet encountered a lahori-style quiche, I don’t plan to either). So expect the sporadic recipe- I suppose?

I read….a lot. I always have and I suppose I always will. I’m also mildly (miiiildly) obsessed with three television shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural and Suits. So when there season finales roll around, you can count on a very rambling and excitable post detailing my feelings about Dean, the Doctor or Mike.  Apologies in advance.

And lastly I love style- not fashion or what is fashionable in particular- but constantly rethinking my style and how I present myself to the world.

Also: makeup.


Ok, that’s enough then I suppose.


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